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Custom Wardrobe Designs

  • Planning a functional wardrobe is a simple process. Our goal is to create a wardrobe that is both functional and organized. To do this, we need to begin by gaining an understanding of the different components which make up a wardrobe;

    Wardrobe Components

    It is very important to figure out which wardrobe components you require and how much of each component you will need. Divide your clothes into each of the sections as follows:

    Full Hanging

    Full Hanging
    Ideal for dresses and coats (up to 1700mm long)

    3/4 Hanging

    3/4 Hanging
    Ideal for shorter dresses and trousers (up to 1500mm long)

    1/2 Hanging

    Half Hanging
    Ideal for shirts and skirts (up to 1000mm long)


    Wardrobe Shelving
    Ideal for folded items such as t-shirts and shorts


    Wardrobe Drawers
    Ideal for storing socks and underwear

    A good way to figure out how much hanging space you need is to hang the clothes on an existing hanging rod and with a tape measure, measure how much space they take up.